The Müllner Peter Museum

Peter Huber, called "der Müllner Peter" (Peter, the miller) was born in 1766 in Sachrang. He was the owner of the Müllner-Hof (Müllner Farm) in Aschach, to which a mill also belonged. On a part-time basis, Huber, who must have enjoyed higher education, held the office of choirmaster and organist in the Sachrang church.

Huber was very committed to the cultivation of church music in his village and compiled a rich repertoire of contemporary works of church music, most of which he copied himself.

In 2000, the "Museumsverein Müllner-Peter von Sachrang e.V." (museum association Müllner-Peter of Sachrang, registered association) was founded in Sachrang. Together with the municipality of Aschau im Chiemgau, the association opened the Müllner-Peter Museum in 2001.

During a tour of the museum, the historical personality of the Müllner Peter is presented, divided into the different spheres of his activity.

Exhibits about his family, about his work as miller, farmer and healer as well as the original furniture from the Müllner-Hof are on display. The focus is on the musician and his sheet music collection. His own compositional work is not very extensive, but the number of copies of compositions from his Bavarian and Tyrolean neighbourhood is large. The extensive holdings of works by the Munich city musician Augustin Holler, with whom he was probably personally acquainted, deserve special mention.

Further thematic circles are religion, pilgrimage and the processing of his biography into novels and films.

The museum is currently closed.

Collections owend by the "Müllner-Peter-Museum" available in bavarikon


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