The Staatliche Bibliothek Regensburg

With about half a million media, the Staatliche Bibliothek Regensburg (Regensburg State Library) is one of the largest cultural institutions in Regensburg and the Upper Palatinate. The so-called "Kreisbibliothek" (District Library) back then was founded in 1816. Its foundation stock was fed by the libraries of the Imperial City of Regensburg's dissolved institutions. This included stock from various Regensburg monasteries, the most prominent example probably being the Benediktinerabtei St. Emmeram (Benedictine Abbey of St. Emmeram), the former imperial city library and former episcopal library. The cultural heritage collected in the Staatliche Bibliothek Regensburg is remarkable: As seat of the Perpetual Diet of Regensburg, the city was one of the richest library locations in the Holy Roman Empire towards the end of the 18th century. Today, the Staatliche Bibliothek Regensburg's stock contains more than 100,000 prints published before 1830, more than 1,000 manuscripts and autographs as well as about 7,000 old maps, which makes the library a treasure trove of the entire region's printed cultural heritage. This is flanked by its role as an archive library for the administrative district of Upper Palatinate under the Bavarian Legal Deposits Law.

Initially, the library was housed in the Imperial City of Regensburg's old library building, in the so-called Neues Waaggebäude on Haidplatz, where the imperial city library had been located since 1783. In 1875/76, it moved into premises in the former imperial city Gymnasium poeticum situated on Gesandtenstraße in the old town. The library is still there today.

The Staatliche Bibliothek Regensburg has established itself firmly among the cultural institutions in Regensburg, through events such as exhibitions, lectures and readings, as well as guided tours and courses, and by teaching library, information and media skills.

The library has received several awards for its commitment to working together with schools, and was given the "Bibliotheken - Partner der Schulen" (Libraries - School Partners) seal of approval from the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Culture, Science and the Arts. The regular book consultations, during which private individuals can present their books to experts from the library and an antique book dealer from Regensburg, are also very well received.

A partnership agreement between the Staatliche Bibliothek Regensburg and the Universitätsbibliothek Regensburg (Regensburg University Library) forms the basis for intensive cooperation between these two scientific libraries in Regensburg; it also created the basis to permanently raise the Staatliche Bibliothek Regensburg's profile as a regional library for Regensburg and the Upper Palatinate.

The Staatliche Bibliothek Regensburg is subordinated to the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Bavarian State Library).

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