Ludus de aventu et interitu Antichristi. Literae multae et alia excerpta ex Ottonis Frisingensis Gestis Imperatoris Friderici [u.a.] - BSB Clm 19411

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek


Clm 19411 survived on leaf 2v-7r as the only complete manuscript of Tegernseer "Ludus de Antichristo", a Latin drama in 414 verses about the fight between the Christian final emperor, who wins the rule over the world, and the Antichrist. Its origins go back to the time around 1160, the author and patron are unknown. Sources are early Christian apocalyptic prophecies as well as the "De ortu et tempore Antichristi" treatise by Adso von Toul, written around 949/54. The Ludus combines world and salvation history, politics and eschatology (theology concerning the end of the world) in an allegorical action that includes the present Hohenstaufen imperial court. The collection manuscript of the time before 1179/86 from the Benedictine Tegernsee monastery also contains 306 specimen letters, eleven of which are Latin love and friendship letters. It also contains rhetorical, grammatical and philosophical texts. The letter's prose is dominated by the adornment of rhyme and the rhythmic closing of the sentence (cursus). The German lines "Du bist min ih bin din [...]" (You are mine I am yours) on leaf 114 a (letter 10), which are regarded as the oldest love poem in German (Tegernseer love salutation), are not so much a singable song as a concise summary of the letter's thoughts. Datum: 2016


Peter Czoik

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