Nekrolog und Regelbuch des Stifts St. Peter und Alexander zu Aschaffenburg (Die Große Stiftsregel oder "Regula fraternitatis ecclesie collegiate Aschaffenburgenis")

Stadt- und Stiftsarchiv Aschaffenburg


The Regula fraternitatis of the former collegiate monastery of St. Peter and Alexander zu Aschaffenburg was established in 1514 at the instigation of the then administrator of the upper monastery building fund and later custodian Heinrich Reitzmann. The manuscript comprises almost 1000 pages and can be roughly divided into three sections. It begins with a history of the monastery written by Dean Ulrich Kemmerlin, followed by the actual main part, based on older templates. This contains entries on dates of death and guidelines for the commemoration of the dead chapter masters, archbishops of Mainz and numerous monastery patrons. At the end of the Code there are various additions, which primarily concern regulations on the practical organisation of religious services.