Schlüssel mit Stierkopfgriff

Archäologische Staatssammlung München


The bronze key with the handle in the shape of a bovine head is completely preserved and of excellent quality. It was discovered in 1991 as a single find in the Dürnbucher Forrest between Münchsmünster and Ernsgaden. It has a u-shaped shaft. From the meander-shaped bit go out five long prongs, by which the latch-bolts of the respective lock could be raised and the bolt could be moved. A small bronze ring, by which the key could be carried, is cast onto the animal’s mouth on the handle so that the impression is given that the animal is biting into the ring. The eyes were originally fitted out with an inlay. On the back of the shaft are two x-shaped signs flanked by vertical grooves. Its artisanal perfection as well as its relatively small size make clear, that this must be a particular key for a chest or wardrobe.


Archäologische Staatssammlung München

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