Situationskarte der Pfarrei Waging, um 1700

Archiv des Erzbistums München und Freising


So-called situation maps of parishes were made at various times in order to give an impression (usually to a higher authority) of the parish’s natural location as well as the individual associated villages and churches, of the road conditions and the neighbouring parishes. The context of origin of the neither signed nor dated depiction of the parish of Waging (Traunstein district) is no longer known today, as the attractive coloured drawing was only acquired from private ownership by the archdiocesan archives in 1990. The date it originated is probably between 1688/89 (when the tower received its triple-domed roof) and 1722/23 (when the church’s chancel area was rebuilt in the shape of a cross). In the depiction of the parish, which at that time belonged to the Archdiocese of Salzburg, the south is at the top. The parish is set apart from its surroundings by the colouring and careful depiction of landscape, vegetation and roads. In the centre, disproportionately large, is the parish church of St. Martin, surrounded by the walled cemetery and the village’s schematically depicted houses. Of the other settlements in the parish area, it is mainly the places with affiliated churches (Burg, Egerdach, Gaden, St. Koloman, St. Leonhard am Wonneberg, Taching, Tengling) that are identified by name.