Generaldirektion der Staatlichen Archive Bayerns
Schönfeldstraße 5
80539 München

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 221152
80501 Munich

Telephone: +49 (0)89/28638-2482
Fax: +49 (0)89/28638-2615
E-mail: poststelle@gda.bayern.de



The Generaldirektion der Staatlichen Archive Bayerns

The Generaldirektion der Staatlichen Archive Bayerns (Directorate General of the Bavarian State Archives) was established in 1970 as a middle-level state office with statewide authority. Subordinated authorities are the Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv (Bavarian Main State Archive) and regional state archives. Duties of the Generaldirektion include:

  • Centralized administrative and functional supervision of the Bavarian state archives
  • Organization and execution of the professional training of archivists
  • Supervision and coordination of special tasks like evaluation, acquisition, classification and cataloguing of archive items according to consistent standards, maintenance of collections, electronic data processing, general heraldry, educational activities in history and politics (including exhibitions and publications)
  • Public representation of the Free State of Bavaria in the field of archives
  • Centralized archive expertise for all public and non-public archives and registries in Bavaria

The Bavarian Archive Act as well as the general regulations on the use of the state archives of Bavaria are the legal basis for the Bavarian state archives.

The following archives are supervised by the Generaldirektion:

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