The Staatsarchiv Augsburg

The Staatsarchiv Augsburg (Augsburg State Archive) is the government authority for all matters related to archive studies in the administrative district of Swabia. It is the successor institution for the former Staatsarchiv Neuburg an der Donau (State Archive of Neuburg on the Danube), which was transferred into the Swabian capital in autumn of 1989. Thus its origins date back to the Duchy of Palatinate-Neuburg established in 1505, which also maintained essential parts of the archives of Bavaria-Ingolstadt and particularly of Bavaria-Landshut. After various reorganizations it was raised to the status of an archive conservatory in 1841, and in 1875/76 it was renamed "Kreisarchiv" (District Archive) together with all the other regional state archives, until in 1921 it became the Staatsarchiv Neuburg an der Donau.

The Staatsarchiv Augsburg is responsible for historical written material of the imperial district of Swabia of the old Roman-German Empire – such as the Prince-Bishopric of Augsburg, the Duke-Abbey of Kempten, the Imperial Cities of Augsburg, Dinkelsbühl, Kaufbeuren, Kempten, Lindau, Memmingen, Nördlingen and Ulm, several Imperial Knightships and Imperial Abbeys –, as well as parts of Further Austria and the subordinate offices of the Palatinate-Neuburg.

With the reforms of the Napoleonic era, the Augsburg Archive became responsible for the heritage of the Bavarian middle and lower-level authorities of the administrative district of Swabia and the preceding river districts. Furthermore it maintains the registries of the subordinate authorities of the imperial and federal civil administration and a considerable volume of written material collected by both private and official archivists.

For public use, the current terms of the general regulations for the use of the Bavarian State Archives from 16 January 1990 (GVBl p. 6) apply, which also lay down the fees that are due.

The Staatsarchiv Augsburg is subordinate to the Generaldirektion der Staatlichen Archive Bayerns (Directorate General of the Bavarian State Archives).

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