The Staatsarchiv München

The Staatsarchiv München (Munich State Archive) is the government authority for all matters related to archive studies in the government district of Upper Bavaria. It dates back to the registry of the Bavarian Electorate’s Court Chamber, which was taken over by the General State Administration (Generallandesdirektion) in 1799 and subsequently by the "State Administration of Bavaria" ("Landesdirektion von Baiern") in 1803. The written material was expanded by documents from dissoluted authorities. Later on, this archive turned into an archive conservatory, was renamed "Kreisarchiv" (District Archive) and "Staatsarchiv für Oberbayern" (State Archive of Upper Bavaria), until in 1971 it became an independent authority by the name of "Staatsarchiv München" and was separated from the central authority of the Bavarian State Archives.

As a historical heritage, it assumed responsibility for the stewardship offices of Munich and Burghausen that existed from 1507 to 1799/1803 in the Duchy/Electorate of Bavaria (up to 1779 including the Inn quarter). With the reforms of the Napoleonic era, the archive became responsible for the heritage of the Bavarian middle and lower-level authorities of the administrative district of Upper Bavaria as well as the regions of Tyrol and Salzburg, which temporarily belonged to Bavaria from 1805 to 1816 (Salzach district 1808–1816, Inn district 1808–1815 together with the provisional region governments of Innsbruck 1805–1808, and the Eisack and Etsch district 1808–1810).

Furthermore it maintains the registries of the subordinate authorities of the imperial and federal civil administration and a considerable volume of written material collected by both private and official archivists. As for the heritage of notarial instruments after 1862, the responsibility comprises the regions under the authority of the district supreme court (Oberlandesgericht) of Munich (Upper Bavaria, Lower Bavaria with the exception of the local courts - Amtsgerichte - of Kelheim and Straubing, Swabia).

For public use, the current terms of the general regulations for the use of the Bavarian State Archives from 16 January 1990 (GVBl p. 6) apply, which also lay down the fees that are due. Special terms are valid for certain individual collections and for deposita.

The Staatsarchiv München is subordinate to the Generaldirektion der Staatlichen Archive Bayerns (Directorate General of the Bavarian State Archives).

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