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The Staatsarchiv Nürnberg

The Staatsarchiv Nürnberg (Nuremberg State Archive) is the government authority for all matters related to archive studies in the administrative district of Middle Franconia. It dates back to the archives of the Imperial City of Nuremberg, to which was added the heritage of other mediatized and secularized administrators and institutions. The Nuremberg Archive was raised to the status of an archive conservatory in 1852 and in 1875 it was renamed “Kreisarchiv" (District Archive) together with all the other regional state archives, until in 1921 it became the "Staatsarchiv Nürnberg".

As a historic heritage, the archive maintains the records of regional patches in the Southern part of the Franconian imperial district, territories that passed to Bavaria in the beginning of the nineteenth century and whose seats of government lay within the borders of the Middle Franconian administrative district of the time before 1972. Namely, these comprise the Free City of Nuremberg, the Margraviate of Brandenburg-Ansbach, the Prince-Bishopric of Eichstätt and most parts of the German Order's Bailiwick of Franconia.

With the reforms of the Napoleonic era, the Nuremberg Archive became responsible for the heritage of the Bavarian middle and lower-level authorities of the administrative district of Middle Franconia and the preceding river districts. Furthermore it maintains the registries of the subordinate authorities of the imperial and federal civil administration and a considerable volume of written material collected by both private and official archivists. As for the heritage of notarial instruments after 1862, the responsibility comprises the regions under the authority of the district supreme court (Oberlandesgericht) of Nuremberg (administrative districts of Middle Franconia, the Upper Palatinate and the Lower Bavarian local courts, Amtsgerichte, of Kelheim and Straubing, subordinated to the district court, Landgericht, of Regensburg).

For public use, the current terms of the general regulations for the use of the Bavarian State Archives from 16 January 1990 (GVBl p. 6) apply, which also lay down the fees that are due.

The Staatsarchiv Nürnberg is subordinate to the Generaldirektion der Staatlichen Archive Bayerns (Directorate General of the Bavarian State Archives).

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