Books on Bavaria

Books on Bavaria (Bavarica) digitised in full text are a service provided by Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Bavarian State Library).

The book inventory of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB, Bavarian State Library) relating to Bavaria is unique in terms of scale and completeness. The BSB collects all publications issued in Bavaria as well as all publications worldwide with a Bavarian connection.

The supply makes it possible to search the holdings of the BSB and relevant to Bavaria online back to the year 1870. These consist of around 40,000 volumes the text of which has been mechanically read and saved in full.

The titles originate first of all from the shelf of Bavarica signatures; in addition, they come from the shelves of Political Periodicals and State Theatre as well as from the library of the Bayerische Berg-, Hütten- und Salzwerke AG (BHS, Bavarian coal mines, steel works and salt works corporation).

The texts digitised in full are an independent group that may be searched through the search function of bavarikon. The search term is marked by highlighting at the respective place of recovery.

Searchable Holdings

The search of the texts digitised in full makes it possible to gain access to shelves of signatures relevant to Bavaria or to those titles that are marked as relevant to Bavaria by their notation BY back to their year of publication in 1870.

At present holdings from the following signature shelves may be searched:

  • Bavarica (Bavar.): this shelf of signatures contains all literature relevant for Bavaria, with the exception of publications on history and theory of music, on art and art history as well as maps, globes, atlases and cartographical literature.
  • Library of the Bayerische Berg-, Hütten- and Salzwerke AG (BHS): the special library of the by now dissolved Bavarian colliery enterprise was acquired in 1997 and comprises in particular literature on the mining and saline industry with a regional focus on Bavaria.
  • State Theatre (St.th.): The signature shelf includes historical material of the Bayerische Staatsoper (Bavarian State Opera).
  • Political periodicals (Ephemerides politicae; Eph.pol.): the shelf comprises political periodicals and newspapers and is therefore organised supra-regionally. Because of the history of collecting, Bavarian periodicals are strongly represented.

Titles published up to the year 1870 are equably searchable, as long as they have been marked by the key "by" as literature relevant to Bavaria. The key was introduced in 1982 and only partially applied in retrospect. Since it is assigned independently from the signature, signature shelves other than Bavar., BHS, St.th. and Eph.pol. also appear among the search results.