The Ortsdatenbank Bayern

The Ortsdatenbank (database of localities) comprises over 90,000 entries referring to places, communes, districts as well as other administrative units, to forests, bodies of water and mountains. At the same time, the Ortsdatenbank not only analyses the present topography and the administrative division of Bavaria but also illustrates the historical circumstances for particular keydates, i.e. the years 1978, 1950, 1925/28 and 1875. For the mentioned key years exists a search function across the entire administrative structure of the Free State as well as of the kingdom of Bavaria. The Palatinate, which belonged with Bavaria up to 1945, is also included. It is possible to search for objects by means of an interactive map. Each single set of data is networked with further supplies so that the Ortsdatenbank offers numerous possibilities for local research.

For each place within today's Bavaria the administrative affiliation before and after the local government reorganisation of the 1970s as well as the administrative reform of the state territory during the Weimar Republic is attested; historical information referring to the population are included as well as the occasionally changing topographical terms. In the case of selected larger villages, the historical place names were complemented based on information in relevant dictionaries. In the case of communes, the ratio between the different confessions in the year 1875 are stated.

The bavarikon Ortsdatenbank is based on the Ortsdatenbank of the Bayerische Landesbibliothek Online (Bavarian Regional Library Online), which for this reason has undergone technical and content-related revisions and expansions since 2009. The content of the Ortsdatenbank is continuously updated and has not yet been completed.