The Dompfarrei Sankt Kilian Würzburg

The Cathedral of Saint Kilian at Würzburg serves not only as seat of the bishopric but is also the church of the Dompfarrei (parish) of Saint Kilian in the deanery of the city of Würzburg. Apart from the Cathedral of Saint Kilian, the parish includes the Marienkapelle (Lady Chapel) on the market square, serving as church for the citizenry, as well as a further parish church called Neumünster next to the cathedral. After WWII, the Neumünster parish was added to the cathedral parish.

Around 2,300 Catholics belong to the parish of Saint Kilian in the city centre of Würzburg, which extends over the area situated between the Mainkai in the West, the Juliuspromenade to the North, the Balthasar-Neumann-Promenade in the East and the Neubaustraße to the South.

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Dompfarrei St. Kilian zu Würzburg
Domerpfarrgasse 10
97070 Würzburg

Telephone: +49 (0)931/386-62800