The Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirchengemeinde Sankt Anna Augsburg

Saint Anna is an Evangelical-Lutheran parish comprising around 2,400 members in the city centre of Augsburg. The eponymous parish church is the main Evangelical church of the former imperial city. It was originally erected at the beginning of the fourteenth century by the Carmelite order as their monastic church. After some renovations during the fifteenth century, the Fugger family commissioned the building of their burial chapel in Saint Anna between the years of 1509 and 1512.

During the early sixteenth century, Saint Anna became the epicentre of the spread of the Protestant Reformation in Augsburg. The first Evangelical communion service including both elements was celebrated on 25 December 1525. To commemorate the life and work of Martin Luther, who had lodged in the Carmelite monastery during the imperial diet of 1518, a permanent exhibition was inaugurated in 1983 on the church premises: the Museum Lutherstiege (Luther’s lodgings).

Exhibitions of the Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirchengemeinde St. Anna Augsburg available in bavarikon


Evangelisch-lutherische Kirchengemeinde St. Anna
Fuggerstraße 8
86150 Augsburg

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