Photo Archive Bernhard Johannes and Successors

Bernhard Johannes (1846–1899) was the first photographer to settle in the Werdenfelser Land. He had probably been trained by the renowned Munich court photographer Joseph Albert (1825–1886). Johannes lived in Partenkirchen and documented landscapes, places, buildings, people and customs of his homeland and of the adjacent Tyrol. His exposures count among the earliest photographic testimonies of this region and, therefore, are particularly valuable.

After his move to Meran, his successors Max Beckert (1860–1919), August Beckert (1893–1961) and Franz Kölbl (1922–2004) continued the so-called "Photo-Haus B. Johannes" (Photo-House B.Johannes).

The archive contains photos from the time between 1870 and c.1990. Over 12,000 images have been analysed and made searchable on bavarikon.

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