The estate of Alexandra Braunschild (Pseudonym Alex Braun, 1858–1932) – Braunschildiana

Alexandrine Braunschild (1858–1935) was a Munich poet and journalist who published under the pseudonyms Alex Braun and Hans Peters. Some of her works remained unpublished and include prose works (e.g. Der Pianist, The Pianist; Sechs Monate zur See, Six Months at Sea ; Eine Weltumseglerin, Sailing around the World; Zur Geschichte des Schlüssels, The History of the Key), plays, essays, reviews and translations. Today, only her memorandum “Das Prinzregenten-Theater in München” (The Prince Regent’s Theatre in Munich, 1901–1914), published by Bruckmann in several editions, is still known. So are individual journalistic reflections on Munich and Bavaria’s art and cultural history (“Münchener Silhouetten nach dem Leben von Alex Braun”, Munich Silhouettes after the Life of Alex Braun, 1918; essays mostly referring to objects of art and cultural history in Bavaria, 1897).

The estate contains literary documents (including prose and drama), Braunschild’s correspondences with persons and corporations as well as correspondence with third parties, biographical documents of the artist and her family, photographs and collections with press commentaries, newspaper clippings, someone else’s manuscripts and pictorial material.

Parts of the estate have been digitised for bavarikon and are available here. The manuscript of “The Pianist” is provided with a drawing by the author’s own hand.

>> This estate belongs to the collection of estates from the holdings of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Bavarian State Library).