The estate of Johann Josef (1776–1848) and Guido von Goerres (1805–1852) – Goerresiana

Under the name Goerresiana, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Bavarian State Library) collects parts of the Görres family's bequests, in particular of the Catholic publicist Joseph Görres (1776–1848) and his son, the writer Guido (1805–1852), who published the periodical "Historisch-politische Blätter für das katholische Deutschland" (Historical-Political Sheets for Catholic Germany) from 1838 to 1929. In addition, the collection includes materials from Marie Görres (1808–1871), the sister of Guido, who took over the management of the "Historisch-Politische Blätter" after the death of her father and brother, and who appeared as editor of some of her father's writings and correspondence.

Joseph Görres was one of the most influential publicists of political Catholicism in the first half of the nineteenth century. At an early age, Görres was enthusiastic about the ideals of the French Revolution and initially made his appearance as a political journalist. In Koblenz, he founded the Rheinischer Merkur in 1814, the publication of which was forbidden in 1816. In Strasbourg, where Görres had fled because of his impending arrest, his transformation into a religious and less political author took place. In 1827, he accepted a professorship for "general and literary history" at the University of Munich. His appointment appeared as a programmatic action of King Ludwig I (1786–1868), who had moved the university from Landshut to Munich in 1826. In the Bavarian capital and residential city, Görres gathered a group of followers around him who became the spiritual centre of political Catholicism. From 1838 onwards, Görres took part in the publication of the “Historisch-politische Blätter für das katholische Deutschland".

Guido Görres (1805–1852), studied history and philosophy in Bonn, before spending time in France, where he studied source material for his biography on Jeanne d’Arc in 1839. Later he worked as a freelance author and journalist in Munich. Together with the legal historian Georg Philipps, Guido Görres was involved in the foundation of the "Historisch-Politische Blätter" in 1838, which he personally edited from 1848. Under the influence of Clemens Brentano, who was his friend, Guido von Görres wrote late-Romantic fairy tales, legends and poems.

The estate contains correspondence and records by Joseph and Guido Görres, parts of the estate were digitised for bavarikon, including a booklet with 32 lectures by Joseph Görres as well as drafts and notes for a biography of Joseph Görres, written by Guido Görres.

>> This estate belongs to the collection of estates from the holdings of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Bavarian State Library).