The estate of Otto Braun (1824–1900) – Brauniana

Otto Philipp Braun (1824–1900) was a German journalist and poet. Born in Kassel, Braun first attended the local Friedrichsgymnasium (grammar school) and later studied law, history, modern languages and arts and sciences in Bonn, Heidelberg and Magdeburg. During his studies, Braun was active in several student fraternities. In 1850, he went to Paris, where he studied Romance languages and literature.

From 1857, Braun published the Hessian Yearbooks and the Casseler Sonntagsblatt. In Augsburg in 1860, he became editor of the highly regarded newspaper Allgemeine Zeitung, which was published within the German Federation by the Cotta bookstore. In 1869, the Cotta’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung moved the Allgemeine Zeitung to Munich and, on 1 March 1869, Braun was appointed editor-in-chief. In 1891, the Cotta publishing house asked Braun to work in Stuttgart as editor of his Musen-Almanach. Braun wrote and translated poems and devoted himself especially to the review section.

The estate contains a small section with Braun’s biographical documents; it also contains manuscripts and printed works (notebooks and diaries with prose texts and poetry) as well as his extensive correspondence with his uncle and with Carl von Cotta (1835–1888).

Parts of the estate have been digitised for bavarikon and are available here:

>> This estate belongs to the collection of estates from the holdings of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Bavarian State Library).