Burg zu Burghausen
Burg Nr. 48
84489 Burghausen

Telephon: +49 (0)871/92411-0



The Staatsgalerie in der Burg Burghausen

The Staatsgalerie in der Burg Burghausen (State Gallery at Burghausen Castle) presents a collection of paintings from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries from southern Germany, Bavaria and neighbouring Austria. The Staatsgalerie Burghausen also contains several large-format paintings on the history of the dukes of Bavaria from a cycle created by the painter Hans Werl for the Old Hercules Hall of the Munich Residenz. A selection of sculptures from the Bavarian National Museum complements the collection.


Burghausen Castle is one of the longest castles in the world with an extension of over 1,000 metres. It was built from 1255 as the second residence of the dukes of Lower Bavaria. In the late Middle Ages, Duke George the Rich (1479-1503) made it the strongest fortress in the country.

The Staatsgalerie at Burghausen Castle is part of the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen (Bavarian State Paintings Collections).