The Zisterzienserinnen-Abtei Seligenthal

The Zisterzienserinnenabtei Seligenthal (Cistercian Abbey of Seligenthal) in Landshut in Lower Bavaria was founded in 1232 by the Bavarian Duke's widow Ludmilla (approx. 1170-1240). It belongs to the House of Wittelsbach's monasteries. The abbey was abolished in 1803 but the sisters remained on site. In 1835 the monastery was rebuilt by King Ludwig I (1786-1868), so religious life never ceased to exist in Seligenthal since its foundation.

The sisters have mainly been involved in educational work since it was refounded. The Seligenthal School Foundation was founded in 2000 to this end. It is the responsible body for the educational institutions such as the kindergarten, primary school, grammar school, business school and Academy for Social Pedagogy.

The monastery's archive, which became partly state-owned in 1803, contains important historical manuscripts and modern documents on the eventful architectural and cultural-historical development of the monastery as well as its members, institutions and work.

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