Nobility genealogies from the holding of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

Nobility genealogies record a noble family or noble dynasty's deceased and living members, often in order of the generations. They are therefore also a family chronicle and history of its origin and testify to self-awareness and a sense of tradition. Handwritten works of aristocratic genealogy, often lavishly and magnificently designed, contain (real and often fictitious) family crests, sometimes portraits of family members and information about their lives. Genealogies are still much sought-after historical sources.

This selection from the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek's rich collection of relevant manuscripts and prints mainly presents aristocratic genealogies relating to Bavarian history. The collection of 33 handwritten codices on the genealogy of the Bavarian nobility by the Freising court chamber director Johann Michael Wilhelm von Prey from 1740 lists more than 2,500 surnames. The 27th volume in particular stands out for its elaborate design (Cgm 2290(27). Works on courtly life in individual regions of Europe, which show quite close links to the aristocratic genealogies, such as the Insignia Anglica (Cod.icon. 291) and the Insignia Venetorum (Cod.icon. 271) should also be mentioned. Chronicles, documents and so-called mirrors of honour, which like the Mirror of Honour of the House of Austria (Cgm 895 and Cgm 896) served to glorify a ruling house, are also presented here.

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