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In the Renaissance and modern period, Hermeticism, also called parasciences, were understood to be occult philosophies, in particular alchemy, astrology, kabbalah, magic and all kinds of prophecies. Astrology connects astronomical events or constellations with events transpiring on Earth.

bavarikon presents individual manuscripts and prints from the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek's rich collection here. With the astronomical-astrological Codex for King Wenceslas IV of Bohemia (1361-1419) (Clm 826), bavarikon shows a particularly splendid astrological manuscript which is very important for Bohemian book illumination around 1400.

There are also often pictures of the zodiac and the month, but also astronomical tables and lunar predictions in the calendars attached to various manuscripts (e.g. Cgm 32). Hermiticism was also disseminated in print (Res/M.med. 1241 i), including, for example, palmistry as an art of divination, chiromancy (Xylogr. 36 and Res/Astr.p. 208 f).

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