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Geographical knowledge already played an important role in Greek and Roman antiquity. The selected manuscripts and prints from the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek's collection presented here deal with the description of the earth, beginning with the Ptolemy's maps from the 15th and 16th century (Rar. 124 and 881), which enjoyed great popularity especially in the printing age, up to the detailed historical-topographical descriptions of narrowly defined cultural spaces, as in the case of the Principality of Jülich (from 1723, Cgm 2635). This bavarikon collection also includes historical travelogues, such as Breydenbach's Peregrinatio in Terram Sanctam from 1486 (2 Inc.c.a. 1725 and Rar. 324) and city descriptions and views, such as first and foremost the Schedelsche Weltchronik (Schedel's World History , published 1493, Rar. 287). The views of villages and alpine panoramas by Philipp Apian (1531-1589) (Cgm 5379(3), who was well known for the first land surveying of Bavaria and whose famous land maps (Hbks/F 15 b) are also presented in bavarikon, should also be mentioned in this context. Maps and plans have their own section in bavarikon though.

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