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The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek holds a particularly large number of works dealing with theological and philosophical issues in its rich historical collection of manuscripts and printed works, which was largely drawn from the libraries of the monasteries dissolved during the course of secularisation at the beginning of the 19th century. These works provide impressive evidence of the spiritual life that flourished in the monasteries and monastic schools in the Middle Ages up to the Age of Enlightenment. Besides abstract theological-philosophical considerations, theology also includes a practical aspect with regard to the liturgical texts intended for use in worship. This means that the collection presented here in bavarikon touches on various other aspects of the focal points in the collection – above all the Bible and the biblical books, the liturgical works as well as the prayer books and books of hours. This extensive collection invites you to browse and discover and offers a small cross section, ranging from the great theologians such as the Dominican Thomas Aquinas (died 1274) (Clm 13401) to the Book of the Holy Trinity (Cgm 598) and reflections on dying (Cgm 71). A late medieval block book on the right way to lead a contemplative life (Xylogr. 38) is quite closely related to the latter.

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