The KOENIGmuseum

The KOENIGmuseum is located on the edge of the Gothic old town of Landshut and is the most prominent part of the Lower Bavarian capital's museum quarter. It houses the work and collections of the sculptor Fritz Koenig (1924-2017), who contributed them to the Fritz-und-Maria-Koenig Foundation together with his wife in 1993. The museum was called the "Skulpturenmuseum im Hofberg" until the end of 2018. It was built by Peter Gehring and Meike Gerchow on behalf of the City of Landshut in accordance with Fritz Koenig's relevant planning specifications.

Hidden behind the brickwork of the medieval city wall, the KOENIGmuseum was driven into the hill as a windowless building. Its strict rooms in exposed concrete stand in charming contrast to the small brick façade, which also presents itself from the inside in its original appearance. The building covers a total area of 2,200 square metres, approximately 1,000 square metres are available exclusively for exhibition purposes.

After three years of construction work, the KOENIGmuseum was opened on 20 June 1998 with a comprehensive retrospective of Fritz Koenig's sculptural and graphic work. Various exhibitions on the sculptor and graphic artist's work and collections were shown up until his death on 22 February 2017. Koenig had curated all these exhibitions himself. Besides "Drawings, paper cuts, cardboard reliefs", it was mainly the "My Africa" and "My Noah's Ark" exhibitions that attracted visitors from all over the world.

The Skulpturenmuseum im Hofberg was renamed KOENIGmuseum in 2018; the city of Landshut is responsible for the material expenditure. In addition to guided tours and lectures, educational museum programmes invite visitors to the KOENIGmuseum in the heart of Landshut. An outside location with objects from the Fritz-und-Maria-Koenig-Stiftung's collection is located in the enclosure of the Cistercian Seligenthal Abbey in Landshut.

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