Hans Folz, Meisterlieder

Hans Folz (1435/40-1513), barber and surgeon in Nuremberg, published almost all his works himself in print, as he ran his own printing press between 1479 and 1488. His repertoire included almost all folkloric and bourgeois small genres: Meisterlieder, puzzles, "Klopfan" slogans, calendars, carnival games and rhyming couplets.

This manuscript is partly an autograph and represents the most important source for the Meistersingers' songs by probably the most important 15th century Nuremberg Meistersingers. At the same time it is evidence of the N├╝rnberger Singschule, presumably co-founded by Hans Folz. While most of the songs have a rather conventional spiritual and moral-didactic character, the so-called "Reformlieder" (No. 89-94) resist this trend, which only allows songs in melodies of the "old masters" for singing schools, i.e. forbids new melodies.

According to the final piece, Hans Folz sold one of his songs to Jacob Bernhaupt Schwennter, who performed it in 1496 "auf der singeschul vmb ein Klainoth" (leaf 169r).

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