Letters from Carry Brachvogel to Helene Raff

In addition to information about the weather, visits and acquaintances of Carry Brachvogel (1864-1942), the personal letters to Helene Raff (1865-1942) also deal with England and its government. In her machine-printed letter dated 27 January 1926, Brachvogel then reports on the successful "seizure" of 30 marks for the "Marlitt nieces" at the "Notbund für geistige Arbeiter" (Aid association for intellectual workers) and on the intention to release another 20 marks from the writers' association's fund: "I could now possibly send them something from o u r fund but I think it would be better to do it in about four weeks. You can approach the 'aid association' only every six weeks, and even then I can't get 30 marks every time because there are so many applications." The "Marlitt nieces" are nieces of the writer Eugenie Marlitt (1825-1887), best-selling author of the family magazine "Die Gartenlaube" and "the first German women's rights activist [...] who consistently fought against class pride and complacent piety" (Robert Walser on 16 May 1943 to Carl Seelig).

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