Letter from Ika Freudenberg to Helene Raff

The later politician and writer Ika Freudenberg (1858-1912), born in Raubach near Neuwied, first came into contact with the modern women's movement in 1892. In 1896 she became president of the "Gesellschaft zur Förderung geistiger Interessen der Frau" (Society for the encouragement of women's intellectual interests), the later "Verein für Fraueninteressen" (Association for women's interests), founded at the suggestion of Anita Augspurg (1857-1943), Sophia Goudstikker (1865-1924) and others in 1894. Freudenberg, who lived privately with Goudstikker from 1899, was a board member of numerous other women's associations and wrote several essays on current women's issues. Her last great and comprehensive work Die Frau und die Kultur des öffentlichen Lebens (Women and the Culture of Public Life) was published in 1910.

Freudenberg's letter to Helene Raff (1865-1942) is dated before 9 September 1912 and begins with the slightly euphoric words: "Dear Miss Raff! Rumour has it that you might [...] be invited to a lecture."

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