Letter from the Berlin Womens Club to Helene Raff from 1900

The "Internationaler Kongreß für Frauenwerke und Frauenbestrebungen" (International Congress for Women's Works and Women's Aspirations) took place in Berlin in the autumn of 1896. Women's congresses of international importance were also held in the following years, 1904 and 1912. While there had only been a few women's organisations in the German capital before 1900, new organisations were founded at the turn of the century, including the "Frauenklub 1900" (Women's Club 1900). It was founded by the doctors Dr Henriette and Dr Franziska Tiburtius and was primarily open to educated and working single women.

The letter from the Berlin "Frauenklub 1900" from 1911 contains signatures of its members and summarises an event by Helene Raff (1865-1942): "The evening was a great success in front of about 80-100 listeners – both for the poetess and for her interpreter Louise Marelle [1859-1940], 2nd Chair of the Frauenclub 1900."

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