Letters from Ludwig Ganghofer to Helene Raff

Ludwig Ganghofer (1855-1920), a writer, columnist and playwright born in Kaufbeuren, had his main residence in Munich from 1894, where he took over the 1st Chair of the Münchner Literarischen Gesellschaft (Munich Literary Society) in 1897. In 1896 he acquired the Hubertus hunting lodge in the Gaistal. As a successful entertainment writer with idealising folk romanticism and a national outlook, Ganghofer is one of the most filmed authors in the German-speaking world.

Raffiana VI contains letters and cards from Ganghofer to Helene Raff (1865-1942), including a letter dated 26 July 1914 reviewing her young girl's book Regina Himmelschütz (1913): "It starts a little hesitantly but with the wanderings at the beginning of the dear, fine girl comes a great draw that never leaves the reader out." The book is about a farmer's daughter who only acquires her right to stay at home after a long, hard apprenticeship, and is a counter-model to Emmy von Rhoden's (1829-1885) classic among girls' literature, Der Trotzkopf (The Stubborn Head – 1885).

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