Letters from Max Halbe to Helene Raff

Max Halbe (1865-1944), born in Güttland near Gdansk, settled as a freelance writer in Berlin, where he celebrated his greatest success with his drama Jugend (Youth – 1893). The play, which similar to Frühlings Erwachen (Spring Awakening) by Frank Wedekind (1864-1918) deals with early sexuality, became the name used for the art and literature magazine "Jugend", published in Munich in 1896, and the "Jugendstil" movement named after it. Halbe stood up for plays that were forbidden by censorship throughout his life.

The two cards to Helene Raff (1865-1942) dated 1909 and 1935 respectively contain information about the Munich librarian, literary historian and Heyse editor Dr Erich Petzet (1870-1928) as well as Raff's request for an interview with Max Halbe: "I am at your disposal for the requested 'interview', although I generally dread such a thing."

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