Letters from Adolf von Hildebrand to Helene Raff

Adolf (from 1903 von) Hildebrand (1847-1921), born in Marburg, was considered one of the leading German sculptors of his time. Reduction and a renunciation of details were his maxims, as with his professional French colleague Auguste Rodin (1840-1917): in contrast to Expressionism aimed at body fragments, Hildebrand represented a holistic design focused on clear, classical and perfect forms. Hildebrand initially lived in Florence and he moved to Munich in 1898 where he designed his own Hildebrandhaus, a meeting place for upmarket Munich society. The Wittelsbach fountain is one of his main works.

The three letters from Hildebrand to Helene Raff (1865-1942) date from 17 August 1903 to 18 November 1916. They are particularly interesting in view of the fact that Raff trained as a painter in Munich and was repeatedly represented with works in exhibitions in the 1890s.

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