Letters from Isolde Kurz to Helene Raff

The Stuttgart-born writer Isolde Kurz (1853-1944), daughter of the Age of Metternich poet Hermann Kurz (1813-1873), moved to Munich in 1873, where she worked as a translator and language teacher. In 1877 she moved to Italy and lived there for over 30 years (Florentiner NovellenFlorentine Novellas, 1890). She was back in Munich again from 1911 to 1943. One of her favourite subjects was the degrading position of women: her aphorisms Im Zeichen des Steinbocks (The Sign of Capricorn – 1905) are already critical of the time; her novel Vanadis. Der Schicksalsweg einer Frau (Vanadis. A Woman's Destiny) appeared in 1931. Despite her enthusiasm for war in 1914 and her success as a poet during the Nazi era, her relationship to National Socialism remained ambivalent.

A portrait of Helene Raff (1865-1942) about Kurz appeared in 1907 in "Westermanns Monatshefte". The 36 letters and cards from Kurz to her date over a longer period of time. The fact that both have lost their mothers gives them fateful common ground: "Now it's hit you too, just a year and a half after me." (leaf 32)

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