Letters from Alfred Mensi von Klarbach to Helene Raff

Born in Innsbruck, Alfred Freiherr Mensi von Klarbach (1854-1933) was initially a volunteer at the newspaper "Der Gemäßigte" founded by Martin Schleich (1827-1881). After that he became editor of the "Süddeutsche Presse" (South German Press), from 1882 of the "Allgemeine Zeitung", where he was responsible for the theatre and music section. He took over the newspaper as responsible editor from 1887.

The three personal letters Mensi von Klarbach wrote to Helene Raff (1865-1942) contain two declarations of congratulations on her 60th and 65th birthday (leaf 1 and 3) as well as an advertisement of his review of Raff's Tyrolean story Das Mädchen von Spinges in the "Münchener Zeitung" (leaf 2).

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