Letter from Theodor Pixis to Helene Raff

The history and genre painter Theodor Pixis (1831-1907), born in Kaiserslautern, made his debut in 1854 on the occasion of an exhibition of his work Coriolanus. Four years later he settled in Munich, from 1859 he was involved in the decoration of the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum (Bavarian National Museum). Besides pictures for the Bruckmann-Verlag and other illustrations, he created 45 pictures from the material in Richard Wagner's poems (1813-1883) and invented a special process for the photographic reproduction of colour pictures, the so-called Pixis Patent Painting. He was a member of the Zwanglose Gesellschaft (Informal Society) (see the Zwanglose Gesellschaft archives) until his death.

This letter to Helene Raff (1865-1942) dates from 22 February 1905. Raff mentions Pixis in her memoir Bl├Ątter vom Lebensbaum (1938) in connection with the poet Paul Heyse (1830-1914, Heyse Archive V.105).

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