Letters and cards from Eugenie Schaeuffelen to Helene Raff

Eugenie Schaeuffelen (1849-?) and her husband Alfred were close friends with the Pringsheim family, a well-known German-Jewish family from Silesia; Eugenie was godmother to Katia Mann (née Pringsheim, 1883-1980), the wife of Thomas Mann (1875-1955). The writer Carry Brachvogel (1864-1942) was also one of Schaueffelen's friends. "Schaeuffelen comes from an industrial family and can afford a life as a man of independent means. He is also the son-in-law of the well-known publisher Friedrich Bruckmann. [...] Her house was a popular meeting place for Munich's better society back then." (Ingvild Richardsen) On November 9 1902, Eugenie and her husband set off on a journey of several months to India and Ceylon, which they recorded in their travel diary Meine indische Reise (My Trip to India – 1904).

The six letters and cards from Eugenie Schaeuffelen to Helene Raff (1865-1942) date from 29 December 1905 to 13 October 1906. Raff's memories of Schaeuffelen are summarised in her book Blätter vom Lebensbaum (Leaves from the Tree of Life – 1938).

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