Letter from Dora Stieler to Helene Raff

The daughter of the poet Karl Stieler (1842-1885) was born in 1875 in Munich and died in 1957. She grew up in Schwabing and Augsburg and lived in what is now the Stielerhaus on Lake Tegernsee from 1910. At the age of 13 she suffered from an eye condition that meant she could only see in one eye. Life had better things in store for her in literary terms: "[A] splendid, dear old maid, who writes magnificent poems. Much better than her daddy," said her patron Ludwig Thoma (1867-1921). A poem by Dora Stieler was already included in the Bayernbuch published by Thoma and Georg Queri (1879-1919) in 1913.

The two postcards from Dora Stieler to Helene Raff (1865-1942) date from 30 March 1935/1936 and contain congratulations on her 70th and 71st birthday.

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