The art collection belonging to the Tucher von Simmelsdorf family

Outstanding works of art bear witness to the singular importance of the Tucher patrician family for Nuremberg to this day. Artists such as Albrecht Dürer, Veit Stoß and Wenzel Jamnitzer worked on its commission. Just some of these works were scattered in museums at home and abroad. A larger part is still in situ, as many cultural assets were able to return to churches in the city and the surrounding area after the destruction of Nuremberg during the war. Furthermore, many objects are still in the care of the family itself thanks to its foundations.

These include the furnishings of the castles Schoppershof and Simmelsdorf, the country estate which their name relates to. Loans from the Tucher’schen Kulturstiftung are represented in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum (German National Museum) and in two City of Nuremberg institutions.

The extensive Tucher archive in the Stadtarchiv Nürnberg not only offers a sound insight into the history of the family and the city from the 14th to the 20th century. The magnificent highlight among the manuscripts is the Große Tucherbuch, commissioned in 1590, a book on the lineage on parchment with masterly ornamental lettering and coloured miniatures.

The inventory at the Museum Tucherschloss, which is run by the City of Nuremberg museums on the family's former garden estate, is the heart of the collections. Works that are closely linked to the family history stand out from the patrician household's prestigious furnishing, which includes all genres of arts and crafts from the 15th to the 19th century.

The portrait of the famous Jerusalem pilgrim Hans VI Tucher (1428-1491) from the workshop of Michael Wolgemut and the two-part married couple portrait by Hans Schäufelein are representative of the Tucher's extensive portrait collection. The latter shows the builder of the castle Lorenz II Tucher (1490-1554) and his wife Katharina, née Straub. Tapestries with the Tucher-Straub alliance coat of arms have been preserved from the original furnishings.

The works of Wenzel Jamnitzer deserve special mention in the field of arts and crafts: a double trophy, which was a wedding present from Linhart Tucher (1487-1568) to his son Herdegen IV in 1564, as well as an eight-part magnificent service created in 1553-1562. A part of the vessels here were made by Jamnitzer, while their decoration out of the finest painters' enamel was made in Limoges by Pierre Reymond. This ensemble (Limoges-Service) is considered to be unique in its genre.

Claudia Däubler-Hauschke

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>> This collection is part of the holdings of the Tucher’sche Kulturstiftung (Tucher Cultural Foundation) and is mainly located in the Museum Tucherschloss und Hirsvogelsaal.