19th and 20th century Bavarian securities

The collection includes securities (shares and bonds) from Bavarian issuers from the period between 1804 and 1997. They are part of the extensive and unique collection belonging to the collector Uto Baader (born 1944), which is kept at the Bayerisches Wirtschaftsarchiv (The Bavarian Business Archive). The vast majority of the objects presented are founding shares, some of which are from companies that still exist today. Among them are also very rare pieces that were previously unknown or inaccessible even to experts.

These securities are of great importance for research into Bavarian economic and business history. In many cases they can be regarded as the "founding documents" for important Bavarian corporations from industry, trade and services sectors, and in some cases they even bear the original signatures of the famous founders. In addition, the often elaborate decorative graphic design of the papers is of high artistic appeal and gives the viewer an insight into design patterns typical of the period. Securities were also subject to stringent printing requirements in the past to guarantee protection against counterfeiting. This is particularly evident in the guilloche technique used. The fine, intricate, mostly geometric line patterns without any start and end points are clearly visible as a key feature of security printing. They further enhance the impressive visual appearance of the papers.

>> This collection is part of the holdings of the Bayerisches Wirtschaftsarchiv (The Bavarian Business Archive).