Herdegen IV

Stadtarchiv Nürnberg, E29/III, 258, fol. 170r
Herdegen IV Tucher and Katharina Pfinzing, Miniature in the Großes Tucherbuch, 1590-1606

Herdegen IV Tucher (1533-1614), one of Linhart’s younger sons, worked in the Tucher trading company after his commercial training in Lyon, together with his brothers Paulus IV and Gabriel II as co-partners from 1568. In 1564 he married the patrician’s daughter Katharina Pfinzing; his father had a magnificent double goblet made by the goldsmith Wenzel Jamnitzer for this wedding.

After the purchase of the Zeidel estate with manor house in Feucht, Herdegen had it rebuilt in 1590/91 as another Tucher castle and had his entire property in Feucht decreed as a condominium of the elder line of the Tuchers in his will in 1611.

As administrator of the Dr. Lorenz Tucher’sche Stiftung (1589-1610) he acquired the Simmelsdorf castle and manor for this, which was to become the name of the family. It now called itself "Tucher von Simmelsdorf". Herdegen also commissioned the production of the magnificent manuscript of the "Großes Tucherbuch" as the family’s genealogical book, which depicts him and his relatives in portrait miniatures.

Horst-Dieter Beyerstedt