Linhart to Herdegen, 1560

Stadtarchiv Nürnberg, E29/IV, 404
Linhart II Tucher from Nuremberg to his son Herdegen IV Tucher in Lyon, 27.6.1560

Although Linhart’s political activities for the imperial city resulted in his withdrawal from the operational management of the Tucherische Handelsgesellschaft, he still monitored his sons’ activities in the foreign branches by letter from Nuremberg.

In this letter he severely reproaches his son Herdegen:
he should give up his frivolous lifestyle and drink less; in addition, the numbering of the cargo bales received from Lyon was incorrect and did not match the way bills. These kinds of mistakes have been made for years and he has often criticised them, but there has been no improvement. Herdegen was to keep a register of the cargo bales shipped, enter the numbers immediately and report the culprits to Nuremberg in the event of any mistakes.

Moreover, Herdegen should stop lending, since the kings of Spain, Portugal and England were no longer servicing their debts and a general credit crisis was looming; even large firms were now no longer trustworthy. – The letter did not survive in the original, but it was so important to Linhart that he kept a copy.

Horst-Dieter Beyerstedt