Uncle Adalbert of Bavaria

The affection that Prince Ludwig was lacking from his parents he found from his uncle Prince Adalbert of Bavaria (1828-1875). Through him he became acquainted with art, literature, theatre and, above all, the early writings of Richard Wagner (1813-1883). Prince Adalbert also had a great influence on the heir to the throne’s education. Ludwig’s aversion to hunting and killing animals may have been based on his uncle’s commitment to their protection. Adalbert, however, particularly awakened an enthusiasm for the Bourbons and the divine nobility in the young Ludwig.

As his brother King Otto of Greece was childless, the right of succession to the throne was extended to Adalbert in 1844, so that he was heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Greece from then until 1862.

Prince Adalbert married Amalia of Bourbon (1834-1905), Infanta of Spain, in Madrid on 25 August 1856; the couple had five children together. Adalbert Wilhelm died on 21 September 1875 in Nymphenburg Palace (Schloss Nymphenburg). He was buried in St. Michael’s church (Michaeliskirche) in Munich.

Prince Adalbert’s grandson of the same name (1886-1970), reports on Ludwig’s close bond with his grandparents in his memoirs: "Perhaps his association with an infanta from the House of Bourbon contributed to this, and their shared infatuation with Bourbon lilies. In any case, the many volumes of Saint Simon’s memoirs were among the uncle and nephew’s favourite reading. They also shared a delight in golden carriages and other courtly splendour from the Ancién Regime." The author of the two Wittelsbachs’ aforementioned favourite reading matter was Louis de Rouvroy, duc de Saint-Simon (1675-1755). He was a politician and writer, known for his memoirs in which he describes life at the court of Louis XIV (1638-1715).

Julia Misamer