The Zentrum für Volksmusik, Literatur und Popularmusik des Bezirks Oberbayern

The cultivation of practical folk music and documentation of regional music culture have existed in successful partnership for over 30 years at the District of Upper Bavaria’s "Zentrum für Volksmusik, Literatur und Popularmusik" (Centre for Folk Music, Literature and Popular Music - in short: ZeMuLi) in Bruckmühl. Formerly known as "Fachberatung Volksmusikpflege und Volksmusikarchiv" (Cultivation of folk music consultancy and the folk music archive), the institution was given its new name in November 2020, which stands for its new forward-looking focus: the literature pillar is now also located here, in addition to the archive, the cultivation of folk music and popular music. The ZeMuLi sees itself as a centre of information and place of work for all manifestations of regional music and literature.

The archive for folk music and regional literature preserves extensive estates, including those of Kiem Pauli (1882-1960), Wastl Fanderl (1915-1991) and Annette Thoma (1886-1974), and will in future also devote itself to Upper Bavarian authors’ estates and collections. The song and music manuscripts, a collection of instruments and an extensive shellac record collection are ideal for new arrangements, compositions and interpretations. The literary archive’s holdings are an important basis for cultivating the current Upper Bavarian literary scene. The diverse documents are the foundation for Upper Bavaria’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

The district of Upper Bavaria’s cultivation of folk music centre deals with the diverse regional music cultures of majorities and minorities in Upper Bavaria and the neighbouring regions. It promotes everyday music culture and its different local forms and imparts these in events. It also researches current developments and presents the results at conferences and in publications. On the basis of its own extensive holdings, the district of Upper Bavaria’s cultivation of folk music centre supports singers, musicians and folk music enthusiasts in their search for sheet music and provides them with songs for current use.

The popular music centre has been an established and nationally known pillar in the district of Upper Bavaria since 2013. Its field of activity includes consultancy for creative professionals with regard to developing entrepreneurial skills, among other things. Furthermore, it covers the development of interdisciplinary cultural projects with the free economy, educational institutions and international cultural institutions. Research is intensively dedicated to opening up new career models in the music industry.

Literature has long had a firm place at ZeMuLi. The abundance of folk songs in dialect in the collection consists of melody and lyrics, i.e. pure literature. The centre in Bruckmühl focuses increasingly on Upper Bavarian dialects and colloquial languages on the basis of this collection of folk songs as well as field research in dialect. Upper Bavaria’s literary memory is dedicated to the preservation of long-forgotten and well-known literature.

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Zentrum für Volksmusik, Literatur und Popularmusik des Bezirks Oberbayern
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