Carta Marina - BSB Mapp. VII,1

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Olaus Magnus, a priest and brother of the last Swedish Catholic bishop, made the Carta marina, the first large-scale map of the Nordic lands, after his banishment by Gustav Vasa. He based it on the 1412 manuscript map of Claudius Clavus and on Jakob Ziegler's Scondia, as well as on the classical authors, sailing directions, and his own observations made during travels on official business. – The Carta marina contains host of interesting historical and historico-cultural details. The sheet with the map of Iceland shows, amongst other things, the volcanic nature of the island, an Icelandic bard, and a knight and his horse blown over by a strong wind. The different types of ship are identified by their places of origin. The fantastic sea monsters were subsequently copied repeatedly. Magnus added to his map notes in Italian and German. No copy of the second edition of the map (Rome, 1572) is known. There is one copy of the first edition (1539) in the Bavarian State Library, and another in the library of the University of Uppsala. Datum: 2019


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