Bayrische Chronik, Bd. 1

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek


The student of Celtis (Rar. 446), Johannes Turmair, called Aventin (1477-1534), is considered to this day as the father of Bavarian historiography. As the teacher of princes he had composed in 1511 a Latin history of the dukes of Bavaria; from 1517 originated his "Annales ducum Boiariae" under the patronage of dukes Wilhelm IV and Ludwig, who appointed Aventin as historiographer. Journeys to the archives in the entire country as well as to the monasteries led to a comprehensive study of the sources. The German translation of this work, which is presented here in seven volumes (eighth volume: Cgm 1580) was begun in 1522 as a free popular revision and completed in 1533 under the title "Bayerische Chronik". It is not a mere translation but it is with a view on the entire history of Germany ornamented in detail and with a great deal of fantasy and written down in strong Bavarian in an emphatically concise manner. In comparison with the annals, the chronicle does not have the same scientific worth. It rates as important literary monument of German prose. Goethe still found positive words about the Bavarian Chronicle. Datum: 2016


Peter Czoik

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