Astronomicum Caesareum

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Peter Apian (1495-1552), court mathematician to Emperor Charles V, professor at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria, was one of the most versatile and important scholars of his time. With his brother Georg, he set up a printing-shop in Ingolstadt which soon came to enjoy a good reputation. Its most important work is the Astronomicum Caesareum. Apian dedicated it to Emperor Charles V and King Ferdinand I. It deals with the entire field of theoretical astronomy and all improvements thereto suggested by Apian. The world-pictures is still the Ptolemaic, geocentric one. Apian here also pursued his attempts to replace complicated astronomical tables and calculations by means of the construction (and inclusion) of rotating discs, equipped with divisions, spirals and measuring devices. In 1540, Apian published an "exhaustive interpretation" of the Astronomicum. – Emperor Charles V valued Apian's work so highly that he paid for its printing and honoured the author with a present of 3,000 gold pieces. – The Bavarian State Library possesses one uncoloured and four very variously coloured copies of the work. Datum: 2019


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