Ludwig I. Bayern, König (1786-1868); Verfasser: Gedichte Ludwigs des Ersten, Königs von Bayern / 1 About the Object

Gedichte Ludwigs des Ersten, Königs von Bayern / 1

  • Ludwig I. Bayern, König (1786-1868); Verfasser
  • München


Apart from his political achievements, King Ludwig I (1786-1868) is considered as an important builder and sponsor of the arts and sciences in Bavaria, which he as patron, instigator and collaborator had executed by the best-known artists of his times (Leo von Klenze, Friedrich von Gärtner, Joseph Karl Stieler etc.). In addition, he was also active as poet. His elegies and sonnets decorated with water-coloured pen drawings, vignettes and marginal ornamentation from the years 1804 to 1846 deal for example with the experience of nature and art in Italy, refer to current political events and attest in general to Ludwig's philhellenism. Already in 1829, he had published a first volume of poetry (four volumes to 1847). Central concern of Ludwig was the "acting out of the attitudes of the poet" (Rolf Selbmann). The idealising, in part overblown participative style follows Classicist ideas of beauty, in particular those of Schiller and Matthison. Ludwig"s poetry was greatly appreciated. There are translations into Latin, Greek, Italian, French and Swedish etc. Datum: 2016

Peter Czoik