Rore-Codex, illuminiert von Hans Mielich

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek


The Flemish-born Cipriano de Rore (d. 1565) was the favourite composer of Albrecht V (duke 1550-1579), who appreciated him so much that he dedicated one of the two large-format illuminated magnificent manuscripts commissioned by him to Rore's motets. The choral book written on parchment, today known as "Rore Codex" with the signature Mus. ms. B comprises 153 large-format sheets. Rore was in Munich at the time of the codex's creation, providing the Duke with 26 secular and sacred motets with four to eight voices for the manuscript. The Rore Codex is the earliest source for 11 of the motets. On 82 pages there are miniatures executed by the court artist Hans Mielich (1516-1573), among them 8 full-page illuminations, including Rore's portrait at the end of the manuscript, for which the composer may have sat for the painter. The beginning of each composition is decorated with miniatures. The miniatures show mythological, historical and biblical scenes that refer to the texts set to music in the motets. Datum: 2016


Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Musikabteilung

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