Cyclaneusma niveum (Pers. : Fr.) DiCosmo, Peredo & Minter - Aquarell

Botanische Staatssammlung München


The Cyclaneusma (Cyclaneusma niveum, M-0028942) is a tubular fungus from the family Marthamycetaceae. The up to 1.5 mm long and 0.4 mm wide columnar fruiting bodies erupt from the bark of dying pine needles. The fungus is considered a weakness parasite and decomposer of needle leaf litter. In this way, it takes on an important role in the ecosystem. The fungus is found all over the world. The Botanische Staatssammlung received the watercolour in 1963. The stiff, slightly yellowish paper is glued to black cardboard. The watercolour is dated 24.3.1947, bears the number Pi 1098 Zg and was signed by the artist with "KS". The drawing is framed with an ink line. The taxonomic name, the scale and the place of discovery are noted in ink. The image (size: 12 x 9 cm) shows in the upper half two opened oval fruiting bodies emerging from a brown pine needle. The drawings were sketched with ink and coloured with watercolours using delicate colour gradients. The image is presented in simple colours, the rendering is sketch-like, the elaboration of light and shadow creates the illusion of spatial representation. In the lower half there are sketches of spores enlarged to scale. Through his composition, the artist creates a lifelike representation of the diagnostically important features. Schieferdecker may have planned to use it in a scientific paper.