Burg Prunn About the Object

Lords of Prunn were first mentioned in a document in 1037. From the 11th to the 16th centuries the powerful aristocratic Laaber and Fraunberg families had their seat here. The castle itself with its massive keep is of medieval origin and was built in around 1200 during a period of particular prosperity in the Kelheim region. From the 14th century on it was in the possession of the Fraunberger, who invested considerably in the complex. The murals that have been preserved in the late-Gothic room are also from this time. It was in Prunn Castle that the »Prunner Codex« was found, the middle high German manuscript of the famous Nibelungenlied. The tour of the exhibition links the history of the castle and its inhabitants with the various facets of the Nibelungenlied, providing fascinating information about topics such as hunting, clothing, law, tournaments and festivities.